Period proof period. undies from I am Eva

Period proof period. undies from I am Eva


NO one will have underwear as dope as this ! Available until SOLD OUT.

Do you want to revolutionize your period management and have a recyclable, sustainable, comfy solution for your monthly flow? Looking for an alternative to pads, tampons or cups that is easy to use, discreet and zero waste?

YES - you can wear these leak proof beauties, that look and feel like regular knickers, to soak up 2 tampons worth of flow, then simply wash and wear again!

We have teamed up with two Auckland Mums of @I am Eva , to offer you a very limited, exclusive supply of their new period proof undies, with our distinctive period. embroidery.

These period proof period. undies were designed here in NZ created by Kylie & Michelle of Auckland’s I AM EVA. They are the best thing you will ever wear each month. The super absorbent layer and leak proof barrier mean you can get on with your day with confidence, and depending on your flow, use alone, or as a supplement to your cup. Say NOPE to tampons and pads in landfill !

We have only a few sample pairs available to support I am Eva’s kickstarter until the end of October. Their dream is to bring sustainable period options to NZ. You can still support their project - click here - and order plain black undies, which will be available late in the year. Find them also on instagram .

CHECK the Size Guide to choose the appropriate size. To ensure the leak proof technology does its job period underwear should fit slightly more snug than your regular underwear. 

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