period. tee

period. tee


Wear a period. tee to make a bold statement breaking down period taboos, and help prevent 'period poverty'. We believe everyone has the right to more affordable and sustainable menstrual products, period.!

Each tee sold, donates 20% of net income to Wā Collective to provide affordable, accessible and sustainable menstrual cups with no period waste going into landfill. Wā Collective works with University Students' Associations and Women’s Health Collectives across NZ. NopeSisters koha goes directly towards subsidising wa cups for menstruators experiencing ‘period poverty'.

We are making a conscious effort to create meaningful garments in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. This beautiful 100% ORGANIC COTTON t-shirt from NZ company as colour carries our logo, embroidered locally in Wellington. We are determined to lessen our impact on the planet. These Globally Certified organic cotton t-shirts use less water, no genetic modification and no chemicals in their production process.

Before ordering check your sizing here. for long sleeve unisex option from as colour.

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