Mother Earth Tee

Mother Earth Tee


We’re saying NOPE to trashing papatuanuku - MOTHER EARTH ! Wear this tee to support the planet healing work of Sustainable Coastlines with a donation of 25% of profits. They work to fix the mess we have made of our planet. Coastal and waterway clean-up events, and major educational programmes create eco-warriors nationwide. Spread the word ! We all have to take responsibility to reduce, reuse, recycle and repair Mother Earth if we want to live here.

We are making a conscious effort to create meaningful garments in the most sustainable and ethical way possible.. So this beautiful 100% organic cotton t-shirt from NZ company as colour carries our logo, embroidered locally here in Wellington. We are determined to lessen our impact on the planet. That is why we switched to Globally Certified organic cotton t-shirts that uses less water, no genetic modification and no chemicals in their production process.

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