CALL ME VANDANA - Mother Earth Jacket

CALL ME VANDANA - Mother Earth Jacket


We acknowledge the heavy burden created by the fashion industry as the second worst polluter on the planet. As part of the fashion revolution we are consciously acting to include recycling in our sustainable business practices. We have to reduce our impact on Papatuanuku. We are giving your second skin a second life.

Rescued and renewed this upcycled soft high quality vegan pleather, bomber style jacket is part of our Mother Earth circular fashion range giving 50% of profits to charity partner Sustainable Coastlines. Size fits Womens 12 Mens Small.

This jacket bears the name of Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva who has worked as an advocate, scholar, public speaker and author. Her 20 books and 500 scientific journals focus on the seeds we plant and the food we eat. She fights for the benefits of organic farming to protect our food sources. She is a solid eco-feminist who champioms bio-diversity.

Live like Vandana - Never stop writing - for good !

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