CALL ME DAVID - Mother Earth Jacket

CALL ME DAVID - Mother Earth Jacket


We acknowledge the heavy burden created by the fashion industry as the second worst polluter on the planet. As part of the fashion revolution we are consciously acting to include recycling in our sustainable business practices. We have to reduce our impact on Papatuanuku. We are giving your second skin a second life.

Rescued and renewed this upcycled full leather 80’s style jacket is part of our Mother Earth circular fashion range giving 50% of profits to charity partner Sustainable Coastlines. Size fits Mens Large.

This jacket bears the name of legendary environmentalist David Attenborough. He is peaking in his 90’s, narrating BBC documentaries to educate us about the threats to wildlife, flora and fauna, from the relentless effects of human activity on our planet. The ‘Attenborough Effect’ resonated around the world following the release of his programme highlighting the waste in the ocean - BLUE PLANET in 2017, when there was a 53% drop in single-use plastic bags in the following 12 months.

Live like David: Be aware of the world around you and recognise the threat we, as humans, have on Mother Earth.

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