Dope stuff for a good cause


Our social enterprise is dedicated to creating clothing that carries a strong message. We say NOPE to things that we feel need to change. We share sales profits with organisations which have a positive social impact on issues we feel strongly about. Every garment sold gives a donation to a cause we have a personal connection with. We focus on creating ethically and sustainably made garments that really mean something to you. NOPE means NO. We invite you to join a movement of wearers who become walking billboards for important messages.


mother earth pair

Time to say ‘NOPE’ to trashing Mother Earth. She’s the only planet we’ve got, and we have to get serious about reducing, reusing, recycling and repairing. All Mother Earth designs donate to Sustainable Coastlines to clean up Aotearoa’s water; plant trees, and teach us all how to be better humans in caring for Papatuanuku.


Demand sexual consent. Your body your choice. NOPE means NO whatever you wear. NOPE products raise money for Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation, who cope with the avalanche of sexual abuse victims needing support, counselling and legal advice. Let’s keep the conversation going to put an end to sexual abuse, harassment and violence. Your body - your choice.

NOW available in summer cotton dress.


This breast cancer awareness tee fundraises for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ to support their work nationally to push for new frontiers in early detection, treatment and support.. In honour of our mum, the scars of mastectomy surgery are stitched to remind you all to check those boobs regularly. Custom-made for you to choose Left, Right or Double Mastectomy scars. Wear and SHARE the message - any changes - get it checked. PINK Special Edition MastectoTees support BCFNZ Pink Star Walks

IN THE PINK Breast Cancer Awareness Month collab with NISA underwear available for a limited time.


Our comfy Hoodies feature every embroidered design in black or grey - funding all our amazing charity partners .

Get one in any of our ANYSIZE, period., meweTOO, NOPE, or NOPEforHOPE or new Mother Earth designs.

NOPE for HOPE edition sweatpants contribute straight to Youthline, and NOPE pants donate to Sexual Abuse HELP . Unisex sizing and quality, cosy non-pill poly-cotton is made for extreme warmth and super comfort.


This self love tee encourages you to LOVE yourself at ANY SIZE. Say NOPE to the unreal demands society places on your appearance,  and support charity organisation -EDANZ -  Eating Disorder Assoc. NZ.  

Formed by whanau with experience, they offer latest information, practical advice and understanding to eating disorders sufferers and the families supporting them.


The period. tee, now in long and short sleeve, focuses on period poverty giving koha to social enterprise Wā Collective to enabling the supply of sustainable, eco-friendly menstrual cups to those in need.

We should all have access to affordable menstrual products - period! 


NOPE for HOPE tee donates to Youthline which offers help to young people in crisis who need support. They're always there to listen,  with an 0800 number for phone counselling or e-chat for young people struggling to cope.

This design encourages you to talk about the underlying mental health issues leading to high numbers of youth suicide. We hope for zero targets in suicide prevention.


meweTOO echoes the #metoo movement, raising money for Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation and Sexual Abuse Prevention Network  for education programmes on sexual consent and conscious actions we can all take to eliminate sexual abuse. 

“#meTOO must become #weTOO” - we are all affected by sexual harm in our community. Wear the meweTOO logo above your heart in solidarity with this movement for change



There are no second chances if we destroy Mother Earth under the weight of our toxic waste, or destroy all her precious resources. Papatuanuku will survive long after we have gone.Time to say NOPE to trashing her. We must take individual responsibility, with our everyday actions so we can lighten the load on the planet. That’s the dream for our Mother Earth organic cotton t-shirt charity partner Sustainable Coastlines. Their education and leadership with planet healing waterway and beach clean-ups, and tree planting programmes inspires us to want to help. Wear Mother Earth on your heart - keep reducing, reusing, recycling and hopefully repairing our wondrous home.

Andy & Brit Mother Earth.JPG

Any Size Tee

Wear this body loving tee to encourage you to LOVE yourself at ANY SIZE.  Society's expectations and pressures, on appearance and body size, can push vulnerable people into eating disorders with complex mental and physical health issues. The ANY SIZE tee wants you to celebrate your body -  no matter what SIZE.  Profits are shared with EDANZ - an Eating Disorder support group helping families of loved ones who suffer from disordered eating. This design was created to collaborate with  'DISORDER' a new documentary short film, created by Auckland's 2113 Creatives. Your body size doesn't define YOU, so we now remove SIZE LABELS from these tees.   We offer the largest size range possible (size 8 - 24 or 5XL) so you can all be proud to wear this tee. 



Sexual consent is everything, and we believe strongly that relevant and purposeful consent education would reduce the incidence of sexual harassment, assault, violence and rape.

Wear one of these bold tees or our NEW limited edition 100% organic cotton Nite-shirt, to shout out NOPE means NO - when it comes to sex -  it's simply black and white. Mens and Womens 100% soft cotton styles come in a wide size range to fit any body. 

We share profits with an organisation providing enormous support, counselling and advocacy to victims of any form of sexual abuse - Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation.



Mastectotee breast cancer awareness tees were made to replicate the scars of our Mum's breast cancer treatment, to remind us all to check our breasts for changes, and to honour survivors like our Mum. These tees supported the wahine of survivor team,  CanSurvive to compete and gain second place in the finals of  the IBCPC dragon boat festival in Italy 2018. 

We now donate 25% profit share to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, for their research and support work, nationwide. For Breast Cancer Awareness Week in October or Pink Breakfast events in May, you can wear a special edition PINK mastectotee .Or join the fundraising Pink Walks all over NZ.  Available ONLY during Breast Cancer Awareness Month - a PINK PACK collab with our gal pals at NISA ethical underwear - offering PINK intimates - bra, briefs or full set, with our PINK mastectotee at 20% off.

Soft 100% organic cotton tees have custom sewn scars to support a special survivor or breast cancer sufferer you know. Scars may be ordered left or right, or double scars to replicate the survivor you wear it for. Tees are in Men's and Women's styles, Black or White., and PINK (non-organic 100% cotton)

Pair plus double scar.jpg

period. Tee

We're bloody keen to break down taboos about periods.

Period poverty has been preventing students from attending class, and we believe the high cost of menstrual products needs some solutions. Everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable menstrual products - period.! That's why we subsidise the purchase of menstrual cups for menstruators in need. Every short or long sleeve tee sold gives koha to Wa Collective who provide cups for just $15 through Students Associations at Universities across New Zealand, and donate free cups to Women’s Health Collectives.

Wear our 100% organic cotton tees boldly embroidered with red stitching to start a conversation about the natural process of menstruation.

period pair top pic.jpg


STAND UP alongside the silence breakers. The #METOO movement sweeping the world has enabled and emboldened victims of sexual abuse to speak out and say #NOPE, Time's Up !

This tee has been created in response to requests from our fans. We all know someone who's a victim, or we can reflect on our own experiences of sexual harassment, assault or violence. “MeToo must become WE TOO.” Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister NZ, UN General Assembly 2018.

The movement began ten years ago by Tarana Burke - long before the hastags - and its current resurgence and strength lies in the power of solidarity. Wear our new embroidered logo 100% organic cotton tee (me & we in mirror image) just above your heart to say that we stand together for a world free from sexual violence. Have those courageous conversations.

EVERY tee sold will proudly share profits with two amazing charity organisations who we know do great work in this area:  Sexual Abuse Prevention Network - offering education programmes in school and business communities to teach sexual violence prevention strategies, and Sexual Abuse HELP -  who support, counsel and advocate for any victims of sexual abuse.



We need to say NOPE to shockingly high youth suicide numbers in NZ. We HOPE for #zerotargets and more prevention strategies.

The black on black, and white on white long sleeve NOPEforHOPE 100% organic cotton shirts, highlight the hidden issues, stresses and mental illness that often lies beneath the surface, and can lead a young person to feeling helpless enough to take their own life.

These shirts donate to Youthline Wellington, whose 120 volunteers offer young people in the community a support system when they are in crisis, or not coping. Free phone, text or online chat counselling helplines are open to any young person needing support.

If you or a young person you know needs help please call Youthline - there is HOPE

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